Season Tickets Not Scanned At Cork Match? What To Do

Season Tickets Not Scanned At Cork Match? What To Do

mayo gaa season tickets share

Mayo GAA Season Tickets.

It has come to light that over the past week some Mayo GAA supporters are experiencing problems with their attendance not being recorded on their Croke Park season ticket account for the Mayo v Cork match which took place last Sunday 16th in Mc Hale Park, Castlebar.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with records of attendance for this match (as well as the Kerry match at Mc Hale Park) for a large number of Mayo season ticket holders. This only applies to the Croke Park season ticket. Cáirde Mhaigheo season ticket attendances are not recorded.

Mayo Club ’51 would advise any Croke Park season ticket holders to check their account as soon as possible, and anyone who finds that their  whose attendance record has not been updated correctly to e-mail immediately from the email account connected with your season ticket(s). It is your responsibility to check your attendance after every game, and any problem with your attendance record needs to be reported within 10 days of the match being played which means that you only have until Wednesday 26th March to report any problem with the Cork game. If you don’t get a response within the day, follow up with a phone call (the Croke Park telephone number is 01 8363222 and ask to speak to someone in the GAA season ticket department).

Usually, if there is a problem with season tickets being scanned or attendance records being updated, we here at Mayo Club 51 have always found the season ticket office in previous years, to be very helpful.

The 10-day rule is, as we understand, a relatively new addition to the season ticket T & Cs, and unfortunately, according to the GAA Season ticket office,  season ticket attendance records for the Mayo v Kerry match in Mc Hale Park on the 9th of March cannot be rectified because of this rule, as per the T&C’s below:

Season Stiles
39. In order to track attendance the GAA Season Ticket holder will be required to enter each match via the Season Stile, a designated stile at each venue. The GAA Season Ticket must be scanned or recorded in the Season Stile in order to register attendance and help to guarantee access to an All-Ireland Ticket.
40. For some fixtures where a sell-out is anticipated you will be required to pre-print a print at home ticket via the Internet, at no additional charge. In such an event you will need the print at home ticket and your Season Ticket to gain entry to the venue, and you will need to ensure that your print at home ticket is scanned at the Season Stile.
41. It is the responsibility of the Season Ticket holder to ensure that they enter through an appropriate Season Stile and that their attendance is recorded. Season Ticketholders are advised to arrive at the ground at least 20 minutes prior to throw-in to ensure that they have adequate time to enter through the Season Stile and that their attendance is recorded correctly.
42. If a Season Ticket holder wishes to challenge a record of attendance, only queries sent via email from the account holders email address to no later than 10 days after the fixture in question, will be considered.
43. Full details on the location of the Season Stile at each venue will be available on
44. Only one Season Ticket per person will be scanned or recorded at the Season Stile. The presentation of multiple Season Tickets is not permitted and the GAA reserves the right to cancel all and any Season Tickets presented in that manner.

(Extract above from the Season Ticket Terms & Conditions.)

To minimise the risk of any problems occurring with your attendance record, Mayo Club ’51 would suggest that all supporters to arrive early for a match, and take your time at the style to make sure that your season ticket is scanned properly and ensure that you hear a “beep”. This is especially so if you have Juvenile tickets to be scanned with your kids, it can happen that the Juvenile tickets will not be scanned correctly.

Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter accounts if you’ve had problems and whether you’ve managed to get them resolved.

Season Tickets Not Scanned At Cork Match? What To Do

Mayo v Kerry Season Ticket Share-Swap

mayo gaa season tickets share

Season Ticket share-swap

Mayo Club 51 will be meeting in the Sportlann from 12 o’clock on Sunday. Make sure to bring plenty of colour and flags as we will be taking loads of Mayo Club 51 fan photos before the match.

Mayo Club 51 members can leave a comment below to either offer or request season tickets for the match this Sunday. Only logged in members can view and make comments on the site. Please do not post any personal information ie. e-mail address or phone No. Please use the private messaging function which is available to all logged in members. View the members page for full information. Any personal information posted in the comments will be deleted by the moderators. Just use the comments section to offer/request tickets, and use the private messaging to swap contact details.

If you receive tickets from another member for a match, please keep them in mind, if in the future you should have tickets to spare, and offer them first refusal on them. Please ensure to return season tickets to their owners promptly after entry to the match. Mayo Club 51 will not accept any liability for lost or stolen season tickets.

Kildare vs. Mayo – first game, first meet-up

Kildare vs. Mayo – first game, first meet-up

Kildare vs. Mayo

Photo: Michael Maye

February 2nd dawned bright and sunny for the first away journey of the Mayo GAA faithful, and journey they did, in their droves. Loyalty was the theme of the day and in fact, the season ticket queue –indeed, queues – in Newbridge reached far beyond the regular ticket queue yesterday as green and red mingled with white and white to gain access to St. Conleth’s Park.

Mayo was strongly represented in the 6,000-strong crowd, who were treated to a thrilling encounter with plenty of ebb and flow and a hurling scoreline to boot. Not the result we were after, but plenty to talk about in the aftermath of the game, and  you can read the match report over on along with plenty of debate and analysis.

Club ’51 also had its first outing, convening in the Liffey Arms prior to the game. It was touch and go for a while, given that the door was still firmly locked when we arrived, and when the bolts finally came off and everyone piled in, the solitary staff member behind the bar was under considerable pressure to satisfy the thirsty hordes. We did try to give them some warning (honest!), but finally, reinforcements arrived on the scene and mercifully, a disaster of unimaginable proportions was averted and no-one left thirsty.

It was great to see such a big turnout, and thanks to everyone who stuck their heads in to say hello and mingle. We’ll have details of a meeting point for Omagh next Sunday up on the site during the week, and some other useful info. This time, as we’ll have the luxury of a bigger ground with over twice the capacity, we’ll also fix a meeting point within the ground so we can congregate inside as well as out! If you’re travelling, be sure and stick a flag or two in the boot and bring them along too – and make sure the lungs are well rested this week to be ready to cheer the lads on to what will hopefully be the first league win of the year.

Last Chance To Get Your GAA Season Tickets Before Christmas

Last Chance To Get Your GAA Season Tickets Before Christmas

GAA season tickets 2014

GAA Season Tickets 2014

Tomorrow Friday 29th November will be your last chance to order your GAA Season Tickets for 2014 to have them delivered in time for Christmas. Any season tickets ordered after this date will be produced and sent out in January 2014. Anyone that has renewed or bought their GAA Season Ticket before Friday 29th, their tickets will be sent out Friday 6th December. If you bought season tickets as Christmas presents and will not receive them in time for Christmas, Download your Season Ticket Gift Letter Here, to download and print out the gift letter to put under the tree.

View all information about the Croke Park season ticket on our season tickets page.

Season Tickets on Sale Monday 4th November

Season Tickets on Sale Monday 4th November

Mayo season tickets go on sale for new members this Monday 4th November, click on photo below.

season ticket log-in

Existing season ticket holders had the option to renew their tickets for 2014 from the 21st October last. In previous years we had the option after renewing, to buy extra tickets on our account. This is not so however this year (and I believe) that the number of season tickets issued to Mayo this year will be restricted. I will be keeping a close eye on how the sales are going and will keep everyone updated.

I have been talking to a lot of people (from my own area) that have not got the season ticket but are definitely buying one this year. I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of buying one, which cost Adult €85 & Juvenile €10 not to delay and set up your account as soon as possible, so as not to be disappointed. Full details can be viewed in the season ticket section here. There are still no details yet of the Cáirde Mhaigheo season ticket but as soon as there are, we will update here. You can view last years Cáirde Mhaigheo application form here.

Group Seating User Guide (PDF)

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