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Season Ticket Group seating

Did you know that if you have a Croke Park or a Cairde Maigh Eo season ticket that you can set up or join a seating group?

Setting up a seating group is easy, and it means that wherever there is assigned seating throughout the year, that you can ensure you’ll be sitting with the same group of people throughout. It’s a great way to ensure you’re sitting with people you know. Note: You will need to set up a new seating group every year.

More details here.

Over the last couple of years, Club ’51 have set up a number of seating groups with the aim of getting groups of people together to fly flags and make some noise to get behind the team. There’s strength in numbers! These were a huge success, and ended up being great fun as many people got to know new faces, forge new friendships and have a bit of craic. This season, we’re planning to do to the same and we’re looking for as many people as possible to get involved so that we can spread the noise and the colour throughout the grounds during what will hopefully be another long season for the green and red.

If you’re interested in being part of a seating group, it’s easy to do:

  • You can join one of our seating groups below (don’t be shy, we don’t bite) by emailing us with the following:
    • The name of the group you’d like to join,
    • The email address connected to your season ticket account
    • Your account number from your season ticket card

CROKE PARK seating group spaces as follows
(Note the below groups are all subscribed for 2016 but we will add further groups for the final as available) 

  • Mayo Mick On Tour (Michael Maye) Full
  • Oliver’s Army (Ollie Lynn) Full
  • Annie’s Army (Anne-Marie Flynn) Full
  • The Green Above The Red (Brian Gilvarry) Full
  • MaigheoAbú (Emma McDonagh) Full
  • Mike’s Seating Group (Mike Kelly) Full
  • Claregalway Two Full
Available Croke Park seating groups:
  • 50 Shades Of O’Shea (Michael Brady) 9 places left
  • Mayo For Sam 2016 (Seamus Thornton) 9 places left
  • Mort Mac (Karol Mortimer) 6 places left
Available CAIRDE MAIGHEO seating groups:
  • BelievinInShteven (Mayo Man in Dublin) 8 places left, DM @mayomanindublin to join

If you have a seating group you want to add to this list let us know!

  • You can set up one of your own as follows (you’ll need the 6 digit account number and email address associated with the account from each person you’re adding). Note: You will need to set up a new seating group beginning every year.
    • Log into your season ticket account
    • Click on Seating Group at the top of the page
    • Select the appropriate season ticket
    • Type a group name name
    • Click on Send Invitation
    • Add details as appropriate (members will need to accept via email).
    • If you want to advertise your group on this page, drop us an email with your group name and the number of spaces left in your group. 

How To Set Up A GAA Season Ticket Seating Group

gaa season ticket group seating set up

This screen appears after clicking “Group Seating”.

gaa season ticket group seating set up

Create and name your seating group.

gaa season ticket group seating set up

Send invite to the season ticket holder’s e-mail.

gaa season ticket group seating set up

Accept seating group invitation.

Season ticket holders are usually located in the Cusack stand sections 304/305/306/or 307 (View the Croke Park seating plan).

Club 51 seating groups at Croke Park

Club 51 seating groups at Croke Park

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