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Season Ticket share-swap

Mayo Club 51 will be meeting in the Sportlann from 12 o’clock on Sunday. Make sure to bring plenty of colour and flags as we will be taking loads of Mayo Club 51 fan photos before the match.

Mayo Club 51 members can leave a comment below to either offer or request season tickets for the match this Sunday. Only logged in members can view and make comments on the site. Please do not post any personal information ie. e-mail address or phone No. Please use the private messaging function which is available to all logged in members. View the members page for full information. Any personal information posted in the comments will be deleted by the moderators. Just use the comments section to offer/request tickets, and use the private messaging to swap contact details.

If you receive tickets from another member for a match, please keep them in mind, if in the future you should have tickets to spare, and offer them first refusal on them. Please ensure to return season tickets to their owners promptly after entry to the match. Mayo Club 51 will not accept any liability for lost or stolen season tickets.

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