Our Route 51 Flag is on its travels again!

Our Route 51 flag is back on its world travels again! The flag’s last destination was at the World games in Abu Dhabi. The Route 51 flag has since made its way over to the O’Connors (no relation, we think, to Cillian & Diarmuid!) in Florida. Thanks to Jane, Peggy and Tim for taking part and for sending in these photos to us with the message below!

“Greetings to the entire Mayo Club 51 family from Tim, Jane and Peggy O’Connor as we proudly display the Mayo Club 51 flag on the beach in Venice Florida!  Our sincere best wishes to everyone in Mayo over 4000+ miles away.  Please cheer for us at the games and know always that we are bringing the colour and the noise all the way from Venice Florida!”
Maigh Eo Abú ?❤??❤

Jane, Peggy & Tim O’Connor flying the Route 51 flag at Venice Beach Florida. 07/05/17

Want to take part?

If you would like to take part in Route 51, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll add you to the list and organise to get the flag to you. If you have family or friends in any part of the world, then let them know about Route 51.

See what other parts of the world the Route 51 flag has visited to date!

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