Season Ticket Holders Entered Into Draw For 500 All Ireland Final Tickets

Season Ticket Holders Entered Into Draw For 500 All Ireland Final Tickets

Season Ticket Holders Entered Into Draw For 500 All Ireland Final Tickets

When the pandemic took hold last year, life as we knew it changed  forever. Season tickets for the 2020 season were cancelled as were many matches. The 2021 season tickets were not renewed, as at the time, nobody knew if the league and championship would go ahead. Thankfully, things are beginning to improve and we are getting back to some sort of “normal”.

As matches were allowed to be played, firstly, behind closed doors and then with limited numbers of spectators, the 2021 league and championship went ahead in a much changed format.

When Mayo beat Dublin in the All Ireland semi final and qualified for the All Ireland final yet again, the issue of tickets or more precisely the lack of tickets began to pose a problem. The All Ireland final, due to public health restrictions, could only be played in front of 40,000 spectators. A much reduced number from the maximum capacity of Croke Parks 82,300 stadium.

Cork and Limerick were meeting in the Hurling final and they faced the same predicament with reduced capacity. However, Cork decided to give the option to purchase a hurling final ticket, to both their hurling and football season ticket holders, “as a goodwill gesture”. Between hurling and football, Cork have just over 1000 season ticket holders, so it was a little easier for the Cork county board to offer their season ticket holders the option to purchase a final ticket. This set a precedent.

Initially Mayo county board said it would not be possible to accommodate Mayo season ticket holders in any way. Dermot Butler, speaking to the Mayo News stated, “There will be no Cairde Mhaigheo ticket allocation for the final” and went on to say “its not our decision, that whole season ticket decision was made by Croke Park at the beginning of the season”.

Dermot Butler speaking to the Mayo News on Monday 16th August.

We got in touch with the Tommy Marren show on Midwest radio to highlight the situation and to see if anything could be done. There was a huge response from Mayo season ticket holders. Everyone knew it was a very difficult situation for all sides, but loyal season ticket holders just couldn’t be brushed aside so easily. Something needed to be done.

Hundreds of texts and emails were sent into the Tommy Marren show from Mayo season ticket holders. Below is a sample of some of them, which Tommy read out.

Mayo GAA were to get back to Midwest when they had been in touch with Croke Park to see if anything could be done. We were hopeful that the 40K capacity might be raised and that would have benefited everyone.

On Friday the 27th of August Croke Park announced that they are making 500 tickets available for season ticket holders through a draw. Juvenile ticket holders will not be included in this draw. This means out of the 3622 Mayo season tickets approximately 3000 will be eligible for the draw.

The random draw will be conducted by officials in Croke Park via the season ticket database and is expected to be completed by next Wednesday, September 1. Those season ticket holders who are successful in securing the option of a ticket will be communicated with by email.

Mayo GAA Secretary Dermot Butler speaking to Midwest radio about the draw.

A statement from Mayo GAA announcing the draw said that it would be impossible to allocate all Season Ticket holders a ticket for the final as this would “reduce the current club allocations by another 55% on top of the reductions enforced by the reduced capacity.”

“Mayo GAA do recognise and appreciate the scale of support within the Season Ticket group. While the current public health situation has made it very difficult to accommodate all fans wishing to attend the All-Ireland Final, we are making every effort to spread the base of support to all who have supported Mayo in huge numbers over the years.”

Under the circumstances this is the best outcome that could be expected. While not perfect, we have to accept that everyone cannot be accommodated with tickets for the final. At least 1 in 6 season ticket holders will be in with a chance of getting an All Ireland Final ticket.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a golden ticket, you can check out the Croke Park seating plan here. 

2018 Allianz Prediction Mini League

2018 Allianz Prediction Mini League

2018 Allianz Prediction Mini League

Facetheball prediction league logo

It’s that time of year again and the 2018 Allianz prediction mini league is now up and running! The Allianz prediction league will start on the 27th of January and continue throughout the league, finishing with the league finals in April. To enter, you will need to log in and set up an account at If you have entered the prediction league in previous years, just log in to your account and enter.

Mayo Club 51 have joined again this year and we’ve set up a football mini league called … you’ve guessed it … Green & Red of Mayo. To join our football mini league just enter this code:  Fw4re8p2dS1Z

We recommend you to copy & paste the code when first registering for the mini-league.

2018 Allianz Prediction Mini League

allianz league prediction game


Face The Ball Prediction League Update

Face The Ball Prediction League Update

Its been a hectic couple of months for the Mayo team and supporters. We haven’t done the Face the ball prediction league update in a while, so here’s the latest table standings after the weekends action in Croke Park.

Green & Red Of Mayo Leaderboard
Your position:

Total Week 14 Week 13 Week 12 Week 11 Week 10 Week 9 Week 8 Week 7 Week 6 Week 5 Week 4 Week 3 Week 2 Week 1
1 Mayo Brigade 1212 48 0 68 53 0 113 130 103 129 175 90 72 101 130
2 kevin o donnell 1196 27 0 66 52 20 106 128 104 99 177 86 69 103 159
3 Declan Leonard 1183 20 0 69 55 20 108 102 105 131 177 85 76 105 130
4 John Caulfield 1176 29 0 67 54 20 84 161 104 99 172 58 99 98 131
5 Jonathan Walsh 1163 47 0 65 52 0 114 146 108 133 146 58 102 69 123
6 brian lavelle 1140 27 0 70 79 0 111 126 80 100 153 57 105 106 126
7 Peggy OConnor 1138 50 0 68 57 20 84 133 102 100 147 83 76 99 119
8 mayo. mick 1122 49 0 64 53 0 109 134 56 101 153 80 100 90 133
9 Donall O Flatharta 1121 49 0 69 55 0 81 127 105 100 146 87 71 102 129
10 Mayo Club51 1115 51 0 65 52 4 42 132 90 75 196 85 98 90 135
11 tom Sweeney 1105 29 0 68 55 0 79 154 110 99 150 58 72 104 127
12 Newport Mayo 1101 27 0 66 52 0 83 127 102 107 175 59 100 102 101
13 Compass Bar High Stool 1099 22 0 59 52 0 84 128 103 101 167 86 69 100 128
14 T O 1090 47 0 63 52 20 79 126 100 100 168 87 39 90 119
15 Jerry Moriarty 1047 25 0 69 53 20 83 102 78 125 120 86 72 103 111
16 Louis Gunnigan 1029 55 0 68 52 20 84 127 78 102 153 58 50 73 109
17 Damian Brennan 991 29 0 45 51 0 80 134 93 96 97 85 80 103 98
18 Ed Fallon 980 23 0 67 27 0 80 76 100 74 172 84 69 105 103
19 Jane O 969 49 0 68 27 0 54 150 29 79 191 55 67 111 89
20 Shane H 969 27 0 71 26 0 83 98 77 76 143 84 102 72 110
21 Ciaran Farrell 952 29 4 47 56 0 79 129 55 73 151 55 48 101 125
22 Mayo Woman 900 29 0 59 52 0 74 104 54 48 146 59 97 77 101
23 Stephen Sweeney 892 29 2 69 26 4 42 102 71 102 143 37 77 69 119
24 Niamh Breheny 881 15 2 30 26 4 42 60 90 102 151 58 102 104 95
25 David McHale 679 15 2 30 26 4 42 60 45 51 72 37 77 90 128
26 Eoin Moynihan 676 15 2 30 26 4 42 60 45 51 72 37 77 90 125
27 jason mcgoldrick 652 15 2 30 26 4 42 60 45 51 72 37 77 72 119
Clare v Mayo Rd 3 Qualifier

Clare v Mayo Rd 3 Qualifier

Clare v Mayo Rd 3 Qualifier Cusack Park Ennis

The Mayo players and supporters are taking the scenic route back to Croke Park again this year. Clare are the next obstacle on that route for us this weekend. The Clare v Mayo Rd 3 qualifier throws in at 5pm in Cusack Park Ennis. As always we’d advise all supporters intending to travel on Saturday to leave early!


Tickets will be available at all the usual outlets and online  (tickets have sold out online as of Thursday 6th). We’d advise to get your tickets early. Although its not expected to sell out, the ground is restricted to about 14,800. Most likely there will be a ticket van selling tickets on the day outside Cusack Park. Season ticket holders are reminded that you will not need to print your tickets for this match, you will need to bring your season ticket cards. The stand is unreserved seating but there is a very limited number of seats in it, certainly not enough to accommodate all the Mayo season ticket holders even.. Its also worth noting that anyone over 5′ 6″ might be a little uncomfortable as the legroom is a little *tight*!

Getting There

Most Mayo fans will be fairly familiar with Cusack park. Its handy enough to get to, just of the motorway. We’d advise leaving early though, we hear that there has been serious hold ups in Tuam in the past week. With the new bypass nearly completed, they are now tying in with the existing main road which is now causing major delay’s around Tuam.


mayo supporters bus-mayo fans bus


We are waiting for confirmation on bus’s travelling to the match on Saturday. We will add them here as we get confirmation. If you know of any other match bus’s, let us know and we’ll add then to the list.

  • TMG Transport : Bus departing Swinford. Contact Michael Griffin 087 4458766


As most fans know, parking is fairly restricted around Cusack Park. We’d advise to be weary of where you park near the ground, as Gardai have on previous occasions issued parking tickets to match goers. There is a tesco and Aldi beside the pitch (pay & display) but from experience, there were stewards on the gates not allowing match goers parking. Clare County Council have kindly offered free parking at their office’s on Saturday for fans.



Clare county council offer free parking for Mayo fans

Clare Co Co offer free parking for Gaa fans.

Other car parks in Ennis (note: free €1.30 per hour 9.30 – 5.30 Sat)

  • Woodquay car park
  • Parnell St car park
  • Abby St car park
  • Cornmarket car park
  • Lower Market St car park

Bring The ColourBring The Noise

We can’t say this enough! There is nothing to beat the colour and atmosphere you’ll get with flags and banners and the Mayo Roar on championship day. There has been a huge increase in the amount of colour and flags at Mayo match’s in recent years which is brilliant to see. Don’t forget to bring your flags on Sunday and let’s TURN Cusack Park GREEN AND RED. There will be a large 60ft x 30ft flag display on the town end terrace by Mayo Independent Supporters Club, details here.

Mayo flags at Mayo v Derry in MacHale Park Castlebar

Mayo Independent Supporters Club flag at the Mayo v Derry rd 2 qualifier in MacHale Park.

David Gavin Emergency Fund Collection

This Saturday at Half Time during the Mayo v Clare game in Ennis, friends and family members will be holding a collection to continue the fight to find Gav and bring him home to where he belongs.

Please support!!!

David Gavin emergency fund collection

Pic: Breaffy GAA

Galway v Mayo 2017 Connacht Championship Semi Final

Galway v Mayo 2017 Connacht Championship Semi Final

Galway v Mayo 2017 Connacht Championship Semi Final

Mayo GAA crestGalway GAA crest

The countdown to the Galway v Mayo 2017 Connacht Championship semi final match in Salthill is on. The Mayo team for the match was named on Thursday morning here. The match is scheduled for throw in at 4 pm and keeping an eye on proceedings from the middle of the pitch will be referee Joe Mc Quillan. It has been a rather quiet and subdued built up to the match this week. If you haven’t already heard the Mayo News podcast, you really should, that will really get the blood pumping! Listen to the podcast here. Interestingly, this will be Andy Moran’s 150th appearance in the Green & Red Jersey for Mayo!

Galway v Mayo Preview

Our U-17’s will begin proceedings at the earlier time of 1.30 throw in, also against Galway. We need to get as big a crowd as possible in to support the u-17’s, get there early if you can! Earlier this morning Mayo and Galway have named their teams for the U17 Connacht Championship Semi Final on Sunday in Pearse Stadium at 1.30pm, a game which acts as a curtain-raiser to the big clash between the same two counties in the senior match. Both teams named here.

Mayo Association Galway Pre match get together

The Mayo Association in Galway will be holding a pre match get together on Saturday night in Wards Hotel in Salthill. Join up with fellow Mayo supporters from 9pm in Wards. You’d never know who might pop in! For more information visit their facebook page.

Ticketing Details

Pearse Stadium seating plan for season ticket holders


Pearse Stadium isn’t the biggest in the world, so if you haven’t got your hands on tickets yet, it might not be a bad plan to do so in advance. There is no stand tickets on sale (at time of writing),  but terrace tickets are still available on, and in selected Centra and Supervalu outlets around the county. Tickets for the stand (if they become available will be €25, terrace €20 & juveniles €5. There will also be group pass’s available through your local club. All ticketing details are on the Connacht GAA website here. There may also be tickets available at the gate, but get there early.

Season Tickets: Reminder that season ticket holders will need to print out their tickets for this fixture from their online accounts. Your season ticket card will not be accepted at the turnstiles. Entry for season ticket holders is through stiles 47 to 62.

Mayo car green and red ford fiesta

If this is your car, leave early. Like, on Wednesday. (Pic:

Getting There And Parking

Make no mistake about it, driving and parking on match day in Salthill is a bit of a dose. Here are some ways you can avoid the headaches of parking and tailbacks.

  • Arrive early and support our U-17’s. (See above.)
  • Road Race: There will be race taking place around Tuam on Sunday morning which could affect traffic. The “Brian McNamara Memorial race details are here. There will be plenty of Marshall’s on route as they are expecting a large volume of match traffic.
  • Traffic Management Plan: Galway GAA have implemented a comprehensive traffic management plan in conjunction with the Gardai as there is a large match attendance expected. Bus Eireann will operate an increase public transport service between Eyre Square and Salthill and GAA clubs are organising private buses also to the match. This will include priority to all traffic on the Threadneedle, Bishop O’Donnell Road, Seamus Quirke Road, Quincentenary Bridge, Headford Road and Bothar na Dtreabh as per attached map. Galway City Council will monitor our Traffic Control System and the Gardaí will direct traffic at all primary junction along this route. All Supporters and patrons are advised to use this route to and from the stadium and to avoid the city centre.
  • Use the Park and Ride services if available.
  • Car Parks: Coláiste Éinde on Threadneedle Road, St. Mary’s College on St. Mary’s Road, the Galway Technical Institute on Fr. Griffin Road,  are all within walking distance of Pearse Stadium. Various other public and private carparks are also available, throughout the city and are adjacent to the public bus services to Salthill.
  • Bus Eireann are running their regular City Sunday service, from outside the AIB Bank, Eyre Square, commencing at 10am. Passengers wishing to travel from the east side of the city can use the Bus Eireann regular 409 Parkmore service, which operates every 30 minutes on Sundays, from Parkmore via Dublin Road. It can be boarded at all bus stops along the Dublin Road, from the Castlegar Community Centre into Eyre Square, for connection to the Salthill buses.

Bring Your FlagsBring The Noise!

We can’t say this enough! There is nothing to beat the colour and atmosphere you’ll get with flags and banners and the Mayo Roar on championship day. There has been a huge increase in the amount of colour and flags at Mayo match’s in recent years. Don’t forget to bring your flags on Sunday and let’s TURN PEARSE Stadium GREEN AND RED. There will be a large 60ft x 30ft flag display on the terrace by Mayo Independent Supporters Club, details here. They will be gathering in the eastern terrace, (Rockbarton Road), directly behind the goal, join them if you can, with as many flags as possible!

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry


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