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With the National Football League not even finished a week and our three Mayo Club 51 Prediction League winners still to receive their prizes, (we’ll be in touch with the winners next week to arrange delivery) the Face The Ball Prediction League 2014 for the Championship is now up and running. Things are extremely busy around Mayo Club ’51 this week getting ready for the New York trip and indeed some of the crew have already arrived over in New York.

The few of us still yet to depart, did however get chance to set up a Mayo Club 51 mini league in the Face The Ball Prediction League 2014. The prediction league will start on the 17th of May, (at time of writing there was no mention of New York v Mayo) and continue throughout the Championship and finish with the All Ireland final in September.

How to enter:

  1. You will need to register an account at www.facetheball.com. If you have entered the face the ball prediction league in previous years, log in to your existing account and enter.
  2. Go to your email account, click on the link to activate your account and log in.
  3. Under “Join Competitions”, enter the GAA 2014 Senior Championship competition.
  4. Once you have done that, to join our Mayo Club 51 football mini league, on the panel on the left click “Join Mini-League” and enter this code: cgWypkoHP23F .  (See illustration below. We recommend copy & pasting the code to ensure it is entered correctly.)
  5. That’s it – you’re in! Good luck – and feel free to invite friends or family to join!

With everything being so hectic here in Mayo Club 51 this week, we have not yet sorted prizes for this mini-league, but will do so in the coming days and will post details then.

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