Mayo Club 51 Prediction Mini League Week 1

Mayo Club 51 Prediction Mini League Week 1

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Mayo Club 51 Leaderboard — Start Week : 1

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Total Week 1
1 Mark Togher,Castlebar Mitchels – Mayo 360 360
2 Alan Duggan,Knockmore – Mayo 353 353
3 Mike Kelly,Swinford – Mayo 334 334
4 Derek Sage,Westport – Mayo 326 326
5 Niall Maheady,Killala – Mayo 318 318
6 Alan Prendergast,Mayo Gaels – Mayo 317 317
7 Michael Cuddy,Castlebar Mitchels – Mayo 312 312
8 Michael Callaghan,Kilmovee Shamrocks – Mayo 309 309
9 Yew Tree,PILTOWN – Kilkenny 307 307
10 Mairtin Flannery,Ballycastle – Mayo 306 306
11 Seamus Gallagher,Achill – Mayo 297 297
12 Matt Togher,Castlebar Mitchels – Mayo 295 295
13 Sean McGinty,Achill – Mayo 293 293
14 Douglas Kelly,Swinford – Mayo 291 291
15 Paul Egan,Castlebar Mitchels – Mayo 290 290
16 James Griffin,Beale – Kerry 285 285
17 Tommie McWalter,Balla – Mayo 278 278
18 Brian Lavelle,Castlebar Mitchels – Mayo 273 273
19 Aidan Conway,Achill – Mayo 267 267
20 SeanOg Cafferkey,Achill – Mayo 263 263
21 Eoin Waldron,Claremorris – Mayo 263 263
22 Declan Gibbons,Castlebar Mitchels – Mayo 261 261
23 Man Wisdom,Frankfurt Sarsfields – Europe 261 261
24 Shay OConnor,Shannon Gaels – Roscommon 258 258
25 Neil Masterson,Burrishoole – Mayo 255 255
26 Shane Kilgallon,Mayo Gaels – Mayo 251 251
27 Damien Regan,Aghamore – Mayo 246 246
28 Emma McDonagh,Kiltane – Mayo 246 246
29 John Halpin,Ballyhaunis – Mayo 239 239
30 Mark McWalter,Balla – Mayo 236 236
31 John Maloney,Swinford – Mayo 231 231
32 Kenny Cook,Breaffy – Mayo 231 231
33 Kevin Gallagher,Claremorris – Mayo 216 216
34 Mayo Mick,Swinford – Mayo 216 216
35 Brian McHale,Parke-Keelogues-Crimlin – Mayo 205 205
36 Robert Bashford,Frankfurt Sarsfields – Europe 188 188
37 Mary R,Ballinteer St Johns – Dublin 187 187
38 Enda McCallig,Robertstown – Kildare 183 183
39 Kieran Cawley,Crossmolina – Mayo 180 180
40 Tom OConnor,Naomh Fionbarra – Dublin 177 177
41 Enda Coyne,Lahardane Mchales – Mayo 177 177
42 AnneMarie Flynn,Ardagh – Mayo 147 147

t-rex clothing logoPrizes sponsored by T-Rex Clothing in Castlebar. (prizes will be revealed shortly)

Mayo Club 51 Prediction Mini League Week 1

Club ’51 t-shirts up for grabs!

Thanks to the good folk at T-Rex Clothing, we will have 4 t-shirts up for grabs for our Allianz Prediction League competition and other competitions in the coming months. We haven’t decided how to give out the t-shirts, but that’s a work in progress! We also have a limited edition Club ’51 wooden spoon for the person placed last in the league, and that will be provided by my good self.

t-rex clothing logo

More information to follow, but in the meantime, get your account set up now and join our league. Information on how to join can be found here.

You may recognise T-Rex as they have been a fine supporters of the local game in Mayo, and they were more than happy to provide a prize for the Mayo faithful! More information on T-Rex can be found here.

Good luck!




Allianz Prediction League 2014

Allianz Prediction League 2014

Allianz prediction league logo

The Allianz prediction league 2014 is now up and running. The prediction league will start on the 1st of February and continue throughout the league and finish with the league finals at the end of April. To enter you will need to log in and set up an account at If you have entered the prediction league in previous years, log in to your account and enter.

Mayo Club 51 have joined this year and we have set up a football “mini league” called Mayo Club 51. To join our football mini league just enter this code:    E3ElAEFjJDsF   we recommend to copy & paste code to ensure the correct code is entered. 

join mini league

There is no limit to the amount of mini leagues you enter (last year I was entered in 4 leagues!) You only need to enter your predictions once each week, all the different leagues you are entered into will be updated automatically. The code above is for the football league, if there is enough interest in a hurling mini league, let us know and we’ll set one up. Although its mainly for a bit of craic and to test how well you know your football, we’ll have a look through the attic and basement here in Mayo Club 51 and see if we can come up with a prize for the winner of the predication league at the end of April. We also will do a weekly league table update here on the site. If you have any problems  joining our mini league please contact us.

Competition Rules

Competition duration

The competition starts with the first round of leagues games in February and concludes with the last fixture of the leagues regardless of whether it is a final or not. If any fixture or a final is drawn and goes to a replay, then the replayed fixture will be included in the competition for predicting.

Extra Game weeks

An extra Game week will be added if a fixture or fixtures are rescheduled for a week which had no scheduled fixtures previously.

Prediction Input

You must select a margin of victory for one of the teams or select a draw. Players will not be allowed input predictions for a week until the first day of the week or until all fixtures have been clarified for the week.

Changing a prediction

Just select blank where you had input the margin or click on the draw box again if you had predicted a draw.


Prediction Input Deadline
There is a deadline for entering predictions each week. This deadline is indicated beside each week’s set of predictions. Players will not be allowed enter predictions for that week after the deadline.
Players cannot view other player’s predictions until after the prediction input deadline has passed.


Non Input of Predictions
Players will be allowed to miss the input of predictions for one week when they will receive the average score of all players in the competition who input predictions for that week for. Players will be given half the average weekly score for any subsequent weeks where they don’t input predictions.


Scoring Update
Player’s scores for a week will be updated before the start of the following week.


Games cancelled or abandoned
Points will not be awarded for fixtures that are not played or abandoned. Replays or rescheduled games will be added to the set of fixtures for the weeks they are scheduled.


Weekly Competition Winner
The player in the number 1 position on the overall leaderboard after the scores are updated for all the week’s predictions, is the winner of the weekly competition.

NB: In a gameweek where several players have the highest score, then these players will be entered into a raffle to win the weekly prize.


Monthly Competition Winner
The player in the number 1 position on the monthly leaderboard after the scores are updated for all the month’s predictions, is the winner of the monthly competition.
If a game week spans two months, then that game week is included in the month of the first fixture of the game week.
A monthly competition may comprise of fixture spanning two months i.e. Two months of fixtures may be combined into one monthly competition.

If there is only one gameweek in a month, then the player with the highest score in the game week will win the monthly prize.

NB: Where there is only one gameweek in a month and several players have the highest score in that gameweek, then these players will be entered into a raffle to win the monthly prize.


Overall Competition Winner
The player in the number 1 position on the overall leader board after the scores are updated for all the competition’s predictions, is the winner of the overall competition


Scoring system
Scoring is based on regular time (70 minutes play) only. Extra time scores not included in the scoring.

Drawn Game
40 points – Draw predicted.

Non Drawn Game
20 points – Correct Winning Team predicted
10 points – Exact Margin of victory
9 points – Margin of victory within 1 point
8 points – Margin of victory within 2 points
7 points – Margin of victory within 3 points
6 points – Margin of victory within 4 points
5 points – Margin of victory within 5 points
4 points – Margin of victory within 6 points
3 points – Margin of victory within 7 points
2 points – Margin of victory within 8 points
1 point – Margin of victory within 9 points


Leaderboard Ranking
Players with the same score in the same league are ranked by their most recent weekly results.
The player with the better recent performance is ranked higher.
Sample Leaderboard Table (at the end of week3)


Total Week 3 Week 2 Week 1
1 player67 420 180 130 110
2 player43 420 120 150 150
3 player99 380 150 120 110
4 player456 380 150 100 130


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