Experimental Rule Changes For Football In 2019

Experimental Rule Changes For Football In 2019

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Experimental Rule Changes For Football In 2019

The GAA have proposed experimental rule changes for football in 2019. The experimental rule changes by the GAA’S Standing Committee on the playing rules, if approved by Coiste Bainistíochta, the proposed rule changes would be implemented as a trial during the 2019 Allianz Football Leagues. Any trial rules would not feature in the 2019 Championship however.

There are the five rule changes proposed.

Proposal (1)

experimental rule changes for football in 2019_the hand pass

Handpass – To introduce a restriction of three consecutive passes of the ball with the fist or open hand by players of the team in possession. The playing of the ball by open hand(s) or fist for the purpose of scoring a point shall not be deemed a hand pass. Once an opponent touch’s the ball in play, this will be considered a break in the hand pass chain.

Proposal (2)

experimental rule changes for football in 2019-sideline kick

Sideline Kick

That the ball shall be played in a forward direction from the kick, except from where the kick is inside the 20m line of the opposing team.


In the case of a side-line kick being taken by an attacking player on or inside the opponents’ 13m line, the ball may be kicked in any direction.

Proposal (3)

experimental rule changes for football in 2019_the advanced mark

The Mark – To extend the application of the Mark to the clean catching of the ball on or inside the 20m line from a kick delivered on or beyond the 45m line without it touching the ground.

In the case of a Mark being awarded to an attacking player on or inside the 20m line, the free, if availed of, shall be taken from the point on the 20m line directly in line where the Mark is awarded.

In the case of a Mark being awarded to a defending player on or inside the 20m line, the free kick, if availed of, shall be taken from the point where the Mark is awarded.

The application of the Mark in the two areas of it arising (i.e. as in current Rule and in new Proposal) shall be standardised as follows:

–       Up to 15 seconds shall be allowed for a free to be taken from a Mark.

–       If the Referee determines that the player who makes the Mark has been injured in the process and unable to take the kick, the Referee shall direct the player’s nearest team mate to take the kick.

–       A score may be made from a free awarded for a Mark.

–       The normal Rules governing free-kicks shall apply (e.g. players being 13m from the ball before it is kicked).


A free-kick from a Mark shall be taken from the hand(s) only.

If a player opts to ‘play on’ when awarded a Mark, he may be challenged i.e. provisions (b) (i) and (ii) of the current Mark Rule shall not apply during the experimentation.

Proposal (4)

experimental rule changes for football in 2019_the sin bin

Sin-Bin – The Penalty on the day for a Black Card Infraction or two Yellow Card Infractions – an ordering off for ten minutes in a Sin Bin.

A subsequent Black Card Infraction shall be penalised by the showing of a Black Card followed by a Red Card.

A subsequent Yellow Card Infraction shall be penalised by the showing of a Yellow Card followed by a Red Card.

In either case there shall be no substitution allowed.

The maximum number of substitutions in normal time to return to five.

The Duties of a Referee and Sideline Official to be amended in accordance with this Proposal.

Proposal (5)

experimental rule changes for football in 2019_the kick out


For a kick-out, two players only from each team shall be positioned between the two 45m lines.

The goalkeeper and a maximum of six players from each team shall be behind the respective 45m lines, until the ball is kicked.

The ball from the kick-out shall travel beyond the 45m line before being played by a player of the defending team.

Other Rules relating to the kick-out to remain unchanged.


(1)  For another player on the team taking a kick-out to play the ball before it has travelled outside the 45m line or has been played by an opposing player.


(i)              Cancel kick-out

(ii)            Throw in the ball on defenders’ 20m line in front of the scoring space.

(2)  For a player to cross a 45m line before the ball is kicked for the kick-out.

(3)  For a player(s) to, in the opinion of the referee, deliberately seek to delay the kick-out by not retreating behind the 45m lines in a timely manner.

Penalty for the above Fouls:

A 45m free off the ground and in front of the scoring space shall be awarded to the opposing team.

(4)  For a player(s) of each team to simultaneously cross the 45m line(s) before the ball is kicked from the kick-out:


A throw-in ball shall be awarded on the centre of the 45m line involved or at the centre of the field (if infringements are made on both 45m lines).

Via GAA.ie Graphics from Leitrim v Mayo FBD League match programme.

Clare v Mayo Rd 3 Qualifier

Clare v Mayo Rd 3 Qualifier

Clare v Mayo Rd 3 Qualifier Cusack Park Ennis

The Mayo players and supporters are taking the scenic route back to Croke Park again this year. Clare are the next obstacle on that route for us this weekend. The Clare v Mayo Rd 3 qualifier throws in at 5pm in Cusack Park Ennis. As always we’d advise all supporters intending to travel on Saturday to leave early!


Tickets will be available at all the usual outlets and online  (tickets have sold out online as of Thursday 6th). We’d advise to get your tickets early. Although its not expected to sell out, the ground is restricted to about 14,800. Most likely there will be a ticket van selling tickets on the day outside Cusack Park. Season ticket holders are reminded that you will not need to print your tickets for this match, you will need to bring your season ticket cards. The stand is unreserved seating but there is a very limited number of seats in it, certainly not enough to accommodate all the Mayo season ticket holders even.. Its also worth noting that anyone over 5′ 6″ might be a little uncomfortable as the legroom is a little *tight*!

Getting There

Most Mayo fans will be fairly familiar with Cusack park. Its handy enough to get to, just of the motorway. We’d advise leaving early though, we hear that there has been serious hold ups in Tuam in the past week. With the new bypass nearly completed, they are now tying in with the existing main road which is now causing major delay’s around Tuam.


mayo supporters bus-mayo fans bus

(Pic: independent.ie)

We are waiting for confirmation on bus’s travelling to the match on Saturday. We will add them here as we get confirmation. If you know of any other match bus’s, let us know and we’ll add then to the list.

  • TMG Transport : Bus departing Swinford. Contact Michael Griffin 087 4458766


As most fans know, parking is fairly restricted around Cusack Park. We’d advise to be weary of where you park near the ground, as Gardai have on previous occasions issued parking tickets to match goers. There is a tesco and Aldi beside the pitch (pay & display) but from experience, there were stewards on the gates not allowing match goers parking. Clare County Council have kindly offered free parking at their office’s on Saturday for fans. https://twitter.com/ClareCoCo/status/882569611455205376



Clare county council offer free parking for Mayo fans

Clare Co Co offer free parking for Gaa fans.

Other car parks in Ennis (note: free €1.30 per hour 9.30 – 5.30 Sat)

  • Woodquay car park
  • Parnell St car park
  • Abby St car park
  • Cornmarket car park
  • Lower Market St car park

Bring The ColourBring The Noise

We can’t say this enough! There is nothing to beat the colour and atmosphere you’ll get with flags and banners and the Mayo Roar on championship day. There has been a huge increase in the amount of colour and flags at Mayo match’s in recent years which is brilliant to see. Don’t forget to bring your flags on Sunday and let’s TURN Cusack Park GREEN AND RED. There will be a large 60ft x 30ft flag display on the town end terrace by Mayo Independent Supporters Club, details here.

Mayo flags at Mayo v Derry in MacHale Park Castlebar

Mayo Independent Supporters Club flag at the Mayo v Derry rd 2 qualifier in MacHale Park.

David Gavin Emergency Fund Collection

This Saturday at Half Time during the Mayo v Clare game in Ennis, friends and family members will be holding a collection to continue the fight to find Gav and bring him home to where he belongs.

Please support!!!

David Gavin emergency fund collection

Pic: Breaffy GAA

2017 Face The Ball Week 7

2017 Face The Ball Week 7

Face The Ball Week 7 Mini League Update

To join the Mayo Club 51 “The Green & Red Of Mayo” mini league, just enter this code,  eiurlcP1HXmV  Copy & pasting the code works best. You can join as many “mini leagues” as you like. You only need to enter your weekly predictions once and all your mini league predictions update automatically.

Green & Red Of Mayo Leader board 
Your position:
Total Week 7 Week 6 Week 5 Week 4 Week 3 Week 2 Week 1
1 Declan Leonard 809 105 131 177 85 76 105 130
2 Mayo Brigade 800 103 129 175 90 72 101 130
3 kevin o donnell 797 104 99 177 86 69 103 159
4 Mayo Club51 769 90 75 196 85 98 90 135
5 John Caulfield 761 104 99 172 58 99 98 131
6 The Compass Bar High Stool 754 103 101 167 86 69 100 128
7 Newport Mayo 746 102 107 175 59 100 102 101
8 Donall O Flatharta 740 105 100 146 87 71 102 129
9 Jonathan Walsh 739 108 133 146 58 102 69 123
10 brian lavelle 727 80 100 153 57 105 106 126
11 Peggy OConnor 726 102 100 147 83 76 99 119
12 tom Sweeney 720 110 99 150 58 72 104 127
13 mayo. mick 713 56 101 153 80 100 90 133
14 Ed Fallon 707 100 74 172 84 69 105 103
15 T O 703 100 100 168 87 39 90 119
16 Niamh Breheny 702 90 102 151 58 102 104 95
17 Jerry Moriarty 695 78 125 120 86 72 103 111
18 Shane H 664 77 76 143 84 102 72 110
19 Damian Brennan 652 93 96 97 85 80 103 98
20 Louis Gunnigan 623 78 102 153 58 50 73 109
21 Jane O 621 29 79 191 55 67 111 89
22 Stephen Sweeney 618 71 102 143 37 77 69 119
23 Ciaran Farrell 608 55 73 151 55 48 101 125
24 Mayo Woman 582 54 48 146 59 97 77 101
25 David McHale 500 45 51 72 37 77 90 128
26 Eoin Moynihan 497 45 51 72 37 77 90 125
27 jason mcgoldrick 473 45 51 72 37 77 72 119
Tickets for London GAA vs Mayo GAA on sale now

Tickets for London GAA vs Mayo GAA on sale now

While most Mayo eyes are firmly on Dr. Hyde Park for Sunday’s crunch showdown with Roscommon, the Championship is already in sight. This year, Mayo GAA travel to Ruislip, the ground of London GAA to kick off their Connacht Championship campaign on Sunday 29th May 2016.


London GAA ticketing arrangments


This year for the first time, the fixture will be all-ticket, and tickets have now just gone on sale. Only adult tickets are available online, and according to London GAA tickets for adults, OAPs and students will be available at Ruislip on the day. However demand is likely to be huge. If the crowd of Mayo supporters that travelled to New York in 2014 is anything to by, there’s likely to be a massive contingent crossing the Irish sea, and of course the occasion will be a huge draw for many of Irish diaspora across the UK.

So if you’re planning on heading over, we would strongly recommend that you book your tickets now. Tickets booked during the week and have already arrived in the post!


Mayo GAA v London GAA

Cillian O’Connor converts against London in the 2013 Connacht Final in Elverys MacHale Park




Tickets can be bought in the UK from London GAA using the following link:https://londongaa.tickets.ie/.
If you have any questions please contact Mark Gottsche on 07872600074 or email secretary.london@gaa.ie.

UPDATE 29th March:

Tickets are currently unavailable online, however we have been informed by Club London GAA that additional tickets will be going on sale online later this week. Tickets will be available from Ruislip from Monday 4th April.

Roscommon vs. Mayo this Sunday


In the meantime, Mayo have a do-or-die fixture this Sunday against Roscommon in Dr. Hyde Park in Round 6 of the Allianz National Football league. Throw-in is at the later time of 3.30pm. Lose, and it’s almost certain relegation to Division 2 for next year, and Roscommon under Fergal O’Donnell and Mayo’s own Kevin McStay have been blazing a trail through Division 1 this year, racking up scores left right and centre. They would be only too delighted to relegate this Mayo team who have been struggling in the League thus far.

Some practicalities – be aware that the Roscommon Easter Parade is taking place at 12.30 and traffic is likely to be heavy. Seating will also be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and the weather is not promised favourable, so if you want to get into the stand get on the road early.

While the arguments could be made that Mayo’s focus justifiably lies elsewhere, and that we have been playing catch-up after a delayed start and a plague of injuries, no-one one wants to see this team lose their status as the longest serving team in the top flight.

It’s the first time this year that the sixteenth man will be needed – we are going into a dogfight, against a well-supported, highly confident team on their home patch, so we as supporters will need to make ourselves count on Sunday. We can’t kick points, but we can let these lads who have given us so many incredible days out know that we are backing them all the way.

We are therefore appealing to every man, woman and child to make some noise and bring a flag on Sunday and let’s revive the famous “Mayo Roar”.

Bring the colour, bring the noise and let’s together get the job done. Maigh Eo Abú!

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