So here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The new limited edition Club ’51 t-shirt has been revealed! We have 4 of these up for grabs, thanks to the good folk at T-Rex Clothing, and also our resident design man (I don’t know the technical term, you’ll have to ask him yourself) Aidan!

Mayo Club 51 Model

The winner of our prediction league will get one of these, and we have yet to decide what to do with the other 3. It’s funny, because the last prediction league I was in was very interesting, the people who organised the league actually won it! So it’s not unusual for that kind of thing to happen…

The Spinmaster

So start doing your research, the prediction league just got serious! The lucky person to be placed last in our league will get their very own limited edition Club ’51 wooden spoon. That will be provided by my good self. So make room on the mantelpiece if the league hasn’t been going to plan!

Wooden spoon

Good luck!


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