Comment Guidelines

  • When you sign up and create an account on Mayo Club ’51 you will not initially be able to view members area or leave comments. You will need to contact us and an Administrator will grant you member permissions. This is a necessary anti-spam measure. 
  • For new members of the website, when leaving your first comment, this will be held in moderation until approved by an Administrator before it goes live. Please note that this might take a while. After your first comment is approved, any further comments that you leave will go live automatically.
  • Please do not post any personal details eg. phone No. or e-mail address in comments. Any personal information posted will be deleted by Admins. You can however post e-mail or phone No’s in Private Messages only to other members, as these are viewable only between sender & recipient. 
  • In posting a comment on this site, you acknowledge and accept that you are fully responsible for the content of your comment and you also acknowledge that you have read and agree with these comment guidelines.
  • All comments with links in them will automatically be held in moderation until checked and either approved or rejected by an Administrator. This is a necessary anti-spam measure. 
  • Comments should not be of a kind that contain generalised rubbish-talking, whether about other commenters in general, specific players, management, County Board officials or other handy targets. This is a site for Mayo football supporters, not somewhere to vent your grievances. Common sense in other words. 
  • The internet is full of anonymous keyboard warriors being rude to each other. We don’t want that here. We’re not saying you have to be super-nice to everyone and sign each post with a little heart, but we DO require that you are at least CIVIL to the humans on the other end of this intertube. Everyone is tired of the muppets online. Most of all enjoy the site, we are all on the one side, Team Mayo!

  • Should you see any comments breaching the comment guidelines or receive any unwarranted private messages from other members, please Contact Us and one of the Administrators will deal with it.

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