Where Will I Be Seated?

You will be entitled to access to the stand for your county’s matches wherever possible. If there is no reserved seating, seats will be available in the stand on a first come, first served basis. For matches where the stand is ticketed, the section is pre-determined.

You will be guaranteed a seat in a stand for any all-ticket Provincial Championship matches, All-Ireland Quarter Finals, All-Ireland Semi-Finals and any other matches in Croke Park involving your county. You may be required to confirm your attendance and print your seat numbers on-line in advance for these matches. On-line confirmation has no impact on the cost to you.

A list of the venue locations for Championship fixtures can be found at our Venue Info page.

Seating Groups

You may want to sit beside friends or family who are similar Season Ticket holders at some or all matches during the season. You can organise this from the ‘Seating Group’ page in your Online Account. Mayo Club 51 seating groups page here.

You can create a Seating Group and invite other Season Ticket holders to join it or join another Season Ticket holder’s Seating Group, if invited. You are free to cancel or leave a Seating Group at any time.

You must renew or purchase a 2014 Season Ticket in order to join a Seating Group. Full User Guide to setting up Group Seating.


GAA Season Ticket Information

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