Senior Football Fixtures-Results 2017

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Mayo GAA Fixtures and Results – Senior Football 2017

Here are all the Mayo GAA fixtures for 2017. *Dates, times and venues will be updated as they are confirmed and fixed. Please check back regularly. The match results and any relevant links will be added as the year progresses. Please note: dates, times and match venues can change at short notice in the earlier part of the year due to weather conditions. Please check again before travelling. 

Mayo GAA FBD League Fixtures 2017

Fixtures TBC

Section A

Round 1 Mayo 2-16 v NUIG 1-21, Sunday 8th January (2pm, MacHale Park). Att, 2,346. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo Advertiser,  Mayo News,  Irish Times,  RTE Sports,  The 42,  Match Photos,

Round 2 Mayo 1-21 v Sligo IT 1-15, Sunday 15th January (2pm, Stephenites, Ballina). Att, 2,000 (est). Mayo Advertiser,  MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  RTE Sports,  Irish Independent,  Irish Examiner,  Match Photos,  

Round 3 Roscommon 2-16 v Mayo 4-11, Sunday 22nd January (2pm, Kiltoom). Att, 1,600 (est), MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo Advertiser,  Mayo News,  Irish Times,  Irish Examiner,  The 42,  Match Photos,

Final : Galway 2-14 v Roscommon 0-15, Sunday 29th January (2pm, Kiltoom). Att,

Mayo GAA National Football League Division 1 Fixtures 2017

Round 1 Mayo v Monaghan, Saturday 4th February (7pm, MacHale Park). (Live, eirsport 2HD, 21.30, eirsport 1). Att: 10,817. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,,  RTE Sports,  Irish Independent Irish Times,  Match Photos,

Round 2 Kerry 1-10 v Mayo 0-15, Saturday 11th February (7pm, Austin Stack Park, Tralee)(Live, eirsport 2HD, 22.00, eirsport 1).  Att: 8,991. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  RTE Sports,  Irish Times,,    Match Photos,

Round 3 Mayo 1-19 v Roscommon 0-14, Saturday 25th February (7pm, MacHale Park)(Live, eirsport 2 HD). Att:11,657.  MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  RTE Sports,  Irish Independent,    Match Photos, 

Round 4 Dublin 1-16 v Mayo 0-07, Saturday 4th March (7pm, Croke Park)(Live eirsport 2 HD). Att: 34,758. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  Irish Times,  Irish Examiner,  Irish Independent,  RTE Sport,  The 42,  Match Photos,

Round 5 Mayo 0-15 v Cavan 1-14, Sunday 19th March (2pm, MacHale Park). (Live TG4). Att: 8,565. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  Irish Times,  Irish Examiner,  RTE Sport,   Match Photos,

Round 6 Tyrone 0-12 v Mayo 1-10, Sunday 26th March (3pm, Healy Park Omagh)(Live TG4). Att: 7,850.   MayoGAABlog report & Discussion,  Mayo News,,  Irish Times,  Irish Examiner,  Irish Independent,  RTE Sport,  Match Photos

Round 7 Mayo 1-12 v Donegal 0-13, Sunday 2nd April (2pm, MacHale Park). Att: 14,102.  MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo Advertiser,  Mayo News,  Irish Times,  Irish Independent,,  Irish Examiner,  The 42,  RTE Sport Match Photos,

Final Kerry 0-20 v Dublin 1-16, Sunday 9th April (4pm, Croke Park). (live TG4). Att: 53,840.

Mayo GAA Connacht Championship Fixtures 2017

Fixtures TBC, there may be a Saturday match.

Quarter Final : Mayo 2-14 v Sligo 0-11, Sunday 21st May (2pm, MacHale Park) (Live, RTE2) (Replay Sat 27th May). Att: 14,661. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  RTE Sports,  Irish Times,  Irish Independent,  Match Photos,  Video.

Semi Final : Mayo 1-11 v Galway 0-15, Sunday 11th June (4pm, Pearse Steadium) (Live, RTE2) (Replay Sat 17th June). Att: 22,201. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo Advertiser,  Mayo News,  RTESport,  Irish Times,  Irish Examiner,  Irish Independent,  Match Photos,  Video.

Final : TBC, Sunday 9th July (time tbc, Venue tbc) (Live, RTE2).

All Ireland Championship 2017

All Ireland Qualifiers

Round 2A : Mayo 2-21 v Derry 1-13 Saturday 1st July. (MacHale Park, 5pm). (Live, RTE). Att: 11,465. MayoGAABlog report & discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  RTE Sports,  Irish Times,  Irish Independent,  Match Photos,  Video.

Round 3A : Mayo 2-14 v Clare 0-13, Saturday 8th July, (5pm, Cusack Park Ennis). (live RTE). Att: 11,760.  MayoGAABlog report & discussion,  Mayo Advertiser,  Mayo News,  Sky Sports,  Rte Sports,  Irish Independent,  Irish Times,  Irish Examinar,  Match Photos, Video.

Round 4A : Mayo 0-27 v Cork 2-20, Saturday 22nd July, (5pm, Gaelic Grounds Limerick). (Live, Sky Sports). Att: 13,500.  MayoGAABlog Report,   Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  Sky Sports,  Irish Examiner,  Irish Times,  Irish Independent, Match Photos,  Fan VideoFull match replay.

Quarter Finals : Mayo 1-12 v Roscommon 2-09, Sunday 30th July, (4pm, Croke Park). (Live, RTE). Att: 65,746. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Rte Sport,  Irish Independent,  Irish Times,  Match Photos,  

Quarter Final Replay : Mayo 4-19 v Roscommon 0-09, Monday 7th August, (2pm, Croke Park). Att: 39,154. MayoGABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  RTE Sport,  Irish Examiner,  Match Photos,  Video.

Quarter Finals : Saturday 5th August, (Leinster Winners v Rd 4B Winner; Ulster Winners v Rd 4B Winner).

Semi Final : Mayo 2-14 v Kerry 2-14, Sunday 20th August (replay 26th August)Att: 66,195. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  Irish Examiner,  Irish Times,  Sky Sports,  Match Photos,  Video.

Semi Final Replay : Mayo 2-16 v Kerry 0-17, Saturday 26th August (3pm, Croke Park). Att: 53,032. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Mayo News,  Mayo Advertiser,  Irish Times,  Irish Examiner,  Sky Sports,  RTE Sport,  Match Photos,

Semi Final : Dublin 2-17 v Tyrone 0-11, Sunday 27th August (replay 2nd September).

All Ireland Final : Mayo 1-16 v Dublin 1-17, Sunday 17th September (3.30, Croke Park). (replay Saturday 30th September).  (Live, RTE, Sky). Att: “Full House” 82,300. MayoGAABlog Report & Discussion,  Irish Times,  Mayo Advertiser,  Irish Examiner,  Sky Sports,  RTE Sport,  The 42,  

International Rules Series

Test 1 : Australia v Ireland, Sunday 12th November. (Adelaide).

Test 2 : Australia v Ireland, Saturday 18th November. (Perth).

GAA Football Interprovincial Championship

Semi Final : Connacht v Munster, Saturday 9th December. (time & venue tbc).

Semi Final : Leinster v Ulster, Saturday 9th December. (time & venue tbc).


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