In case you didn’t know, being a season ticket holder gives the owner many perks. One of them being free entry to Dublin v Kildare for season ticket holders in Croke Park this Saturday evening (throw-in 7 pm). In order to avail of your free tickets (up to the amount of tickets on your account) you will have to log-in to your season ticket account and click on “special purchases” to pre-order them.

season ticket-special purchases

Season Tickets Account Home Screen.

You can order tickets up to the number of season tickets on your account. If you have Juvenile season tickets, you can change them to Adult tickets (for the free match tickets only).

special purchase

special purchase

You can now purchase (for free) tickets.

season ticket special purchase-1

Season Ticket special purchase-1

Your free tickets will then be sent to your ticket account. If you are not using the tickets yourself, instead of printing them, you can download the tickets to your desktop and attach them to an e-mail to send to someone. Click “Save” to save to your desktop.

save or print season tickets

Save or print season tickets.

For the club finals in Croke Park on St Patrick’s Day, the same procedure will apply. We will post details early next week.


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