We have always said that there was no formal membership process for Club ’51 – simply acknowledging our existence makes you a member (and once you’re a member you can never, ever leave)!


one of us

So we thought it’d be fun to reach out to all our members around the world with this new project. In the last few years, Ireland has fallen on some tough times. This led to mass emigration and that didn’t exclude the folk from our soft and craggy boglands! Personally, I can count the people in my year from school left in Castlebar on my two hands, and there were over 100 people in my year in St. Gerald’s. But such is life and the result of this is massive chunks of Mayo people being placed all over the world. We thought it’d be fun to reach out to those good people and send our soon-to-be famous Club ’51 flag on a long journey around the globe – hence Route ’51!

Route 51

The journey started in Castlebar after the Derry game and made it’s way to Dublin a week later. After that, it made its way to the famous Edinburgh Castle for its first trip abroad and next on the list is New York City! Then, we are posting it off to our good friend, Robert Bashford, in Neu Isenburg in Germany.

Mayo Fans at McHale Park

Route ’51 starts its long journey in MacHale Park


Mayo fans at Croke Park

In Croker.


Mayo fans at Edingburgh Castle

Dublin native and adopted Club ’51er, Grainne Cleary, at Edinburgh Castle. Route ’51’s first stop abroad.

So we’ve got the ball rolling and now we want to hear from all of you abroad. If you want to get in on this, send us a message and give us a postal address. Whether it’s you, your friends or your family abroad, if you think they’d like to be involved, tell them about this and then tell us. We will get the flag to you, you will then get your photo taken with the flag (preferably at a famous landmark, but it’s not essential) and you will write yourself into history for eternity! You can send us said photo via this site, Facebook or Twitter and every photo should be accompanied by information on who is in the photo and where and when it was taken. We’ll keep this going until the flag is inevitably lost in some faraway land.


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