Face The Ball Prediction League 2017 Mini League

The Connacht championship is nearly upon us now with only 3 days to go to our match against Sligo in Castlebar. Even though the Connacht championship began a few weeks ago over in the Bronx, the face the ball prediction league 2017 competition is only now under way. The competition starts with the provincial games on May 20th and concludes with the All Ireland final on September 23rd. If you have not already registered (for free), head over to https://www.facetheball.com/ and if you already have an account, just log in and update your profile.

To join the Mayo Club 51 “The Green & Red Of Mayo” mini league, just enter this code,  eiurlcP1HXmV  Copy & pasting the code works best. You can join as many “mini leagues” as you like. You only need to enter your weekly predictions once and all your mini league predictions update automatically. Willie Joe over on Mayo GAA Blog has also set up a mini league this year. Details here. Don’t forget to get this weeks predictions in, deadline is 7pm this Saturday.

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