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Season Ticket share-swap

As you probably already know, being a season ticket holder has many advantages. It allows you free entry into any league match (code specific) Season tickets also allow you free entry into the Division 1 league finals between Dublin and Derry this Sunday in Croke Park. Newer season ticket holders might not be aware that your (Croke Park) season ticket allows you free entry to the finals this weekend. The deadline to complete this process is 1pm on Friday April 25th.

season ticket-special purchases

Season Tickets Account Home Screen.

In order to avail of your tickets, you will need to request them first. Log in to your season ticket account and go to “Special Purchases”. You can request up to the number of tickets on your account. For example if you have 2 adult and 3 juvenile tickets on your account, you can request 5 free tickets. You can also change the juvenile to Adult (for the special purchase only) at no cost.         (Example screenshot below).

special purchase

special purchase

season ticket special purchase-1

Season Ticket special purchase-1

If you do not want them yourself you can pass your tickets on to someone else. Instead of printing your ticket, you can save them as a pdf and attach them to an e-mail.

save or print season tickets

Save or print season tickets.

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