UPDATED: Want to get your hands on a Club ’51 flag? Here’s how …

UPDATED: Want to get your hands on a Club ’51 flag? Here’s how …

If you’re a regular attendee at Mayo games, you might have seen our flags flying from various places in the stands and terraces. A few people have already asked us how they can get their hands on flags like ours. Well, the good news is – anyone can get one!

But firstly, some background on how we got our flags. When we set up Club ’51, with the aim of bringing some noise and colour to games, quite a few of you got in touch to contribute a few pence or pounds, and we are delighted to say that your cash has gone towards making a number of different flags and banners. To date, we have 11 large “tifo” stick flags, which you’ll have seen at the games, as well as one very large banner with the team, and two smaller ones with our crest (one of which is currently winging its way around the world on Route ’51). These are your flags, and we hope they’ll be flying at Mayo games for many a year, even decade to come. The Club ’51 crew are simply their guardians 🙂

We keep full records on our website of any contributions we’ve received, as well as all our receipts, so anyone who has signed up to the site and has contributed can see where their money has gone. Club ’51 is, has always been, and intends to always be, an unofficial supporter’s club. It does not operate to make a profit.

We get our gear from Flag Man Ireland, having done our supplier research, and he has provided us with a fantastic service – we only have good things to say about him.  The flags are made quickly and made well, and they are not your standard Mayo flag. They are of exceptional quality, made with lightweight printed polyester, a strong, versatile fabric that is used to achieve the vibrant colours you’ll have seen, and which is also much stronger and more resilient than your normal flag material.  If you invest in one of these flags, you’ll have it for a long, long time. We have not been able to find custom flags of this quality, with the level of service we’ve received, anywhere else in the country.

For those of you interested in getting your hands on one of these, they are available to buy directly from Flag Man Ireland. We don’t have infinite funds –  and neither do we have infinite hands to fly any more flags we get made! –  so if you want to invest in a flag to fly yourself, we can highly recommend these. And the the more flags dotted around any given stadium, the better! In terms of prices, the standard stick flags we have, which are 4×4, cost €40 each (including the wooden dowel – €35 without). They are of excellent quality that will last a lifetime if you mind them.  They are also available in other sizes at other prices – just ask when you’re ordering. He has the designs, so just give him a description of the Club ’51 flag you want (we’ve shown them all below) and he’ll take it from there. And you can even get car flags.

Club ’51 (contrary to any rumours you may hear or read on social media), is not profiting in any way from the sale of any flags you may wish to purchase. Rather, you’ll be dealing directly with our supplier and will have your own Club ’51 flag to have and to hold, ’til Sam do we win.

We’ve put in a lot of work over the past few months to get Club ’51 off the ground, and the enthusiasm from Mayo supporters for the idea has been brilliant. (Thank you!) It’s been a great experience and we hope it continues that way. Disappointingly, there will always be one or two who, without making the effort to establish the facts, are happy to make false (and legally questionable) claims about what we’re about. That makes us sad, but we hope we’ve clarified our position here. If you do have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Now, how to get a flag. You can contact Flag Man (who goes by the name of Mark!) via phone or email (details below) – be sure and tell him we sent you.


Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

Square Club ’51 crest on white background

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

Current Mayo Crest

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

Some of the Mayo Club 51 crew flying the flags!

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

The 1951 crest (this is our favourite!)

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

The new flags make their colourful debut at  Mayo v Derry.

Mayo Club 51 Interviewed By The Mayo News

Mayo Club 51 Interviewed By The Mayo News

mayo news logo

Mayo News host Rob Murphy talks to Anne Marie Flynn from Mayo Club 51 supporters group before the Connacht semi final clash between Roscommon and Mayo last Sunday in Dr, Hyde Park Roscommon. Anne Marie’s interview starts at 23.40 into the podcast.

Rob Murphy also talks to Mayo News columnist Kevin McStay about the merits of Mayo’s one point victory, and reporter Edwin McGreal discusses the finer details of the match and the mood in the Mayo camp afterwards.


Game 2

Game 2

Game 2. The next step. How are we going to dismantle our neighbours to the east? What is the best XV we can put out? Well, that’s for James and the lads to figure out. The real question is: what can I do?

It’s simple – bring a flag and bring your voice! I know we keep going on about it, but it makes all the difference.



See? I would have buried this if there were a few people with flags behind this goal.


The options are endless. We’ll be bringing our big flags anyways, why not join us and bring yours? Don’t have one? Bring a medium sized one! Don’t have one of those? Then a car flag will do the job! No car flag? Bring a green or red rag or towel and wave that!

Seriously, towels work!

Bring hats, bring scarves, bring balloons, bring the jumper that your aunt Milda knitted for you and you wore it for years, most notably at the Connacht Final in Tuam in 1999 where you got a close up on telly!

Trust the lads to do their bit. We need to do ours and turn this:


Into this:

Real unedited photo

On a different note, I’m sure a lot of us sat down and watched another cracking game last Sunday where Limerick overturned Tipp in the Munster Hurling semi-final. It’s worth noting though that we have hurlers of our own, and they are a credit to their county after the season they have put in. Anyone who witnessed the second 35 against Kerry last Saturday in the Christy Ring semi-final will testify to that. They are a talented team who will no doubt be grateful of your support this Sunday when they take on Roscommon in the Connacht Intermediate Final. Roscommon won the same fixture last year and anyone who saw that game will remember the hilarious speech made by the winning Roscommon captain after the game in which a couple of expletives were uttered, followed by loud “sshhhhh!!” noises from his teammates below. That game throws in at 12pm.


So get in early, the stand will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Get in, get your seat, support both our teams and of course bring your colours!

Hon Mayo!


Primary Schools Competition

Primary Schools Competition

With the Championship back in action and Game 2 just around the corner, we’ve decided to run a competition for our younger ’51ers. One of our main aims is bring as much colour as we can to matchday. Our collection of flags is constantly growing and we’re always on the look out for new ideas! This is where we need your help! With the help of our new friends at the Castlebar Cycle Store and our old friends at T-Rex Clothing, we’re launching a flag design competition for national school kids around the county. We’ve already got the ball rolling around Castlebar and surrounding areas, but we’d like to spread it further around the county. 

The rules are fairly straight forward: design us a Mayo flag!


Schools competition poster


Our winner will receive the terrific first prize of a BMX Bike, kindly sponsored by Castlebar Cycle Store (it’s even green and red!!) and we will also be printing the winning design, exactly as we receive it, onto our next new flag. So you’re design could be proudly flying in Croker this summer! We will also be giving away our limited edition t-shirt to 10 winners in our raffle, sponsored by T-Rex clothing. A huge thanks from Club ’51 to both our sponsors!

If there are any teachers or principals out there, get in touch with us ASAP and we will forward on the details and application forms. Please note that this competition will be run through Primary Schools only.

Good luck!


Face The Ball Prediction League Week 3

Face The Ball Prediction League Week 3

Facetheball prediction league logo

Face the ball prediction league week 3 table below.

Mayo Club 51 Leaderboard —- Start Week : 1

Your position: 

    Total Week 3 Week 2 Week 1
1 Ciarano 210 28 73 109
2 mclouga9 189 29 76 84
3 nerdyfi 189 26 76 87
4 142 MO Sam 188 57 50 81
5 Fleadh Cheoil 186 28 74 84
6 digherdeepandthrowherwellback 186 0 75 111
7 Dan 184 26 73 85
8 Nodlag5 180 26 71 83
9 sam no.4? 166 28 50 88
10 kcawley 159 29 45 85
11 MikeyBhoy51 157 26 46 85
12 macdanger 156 0 73 83
13 Lar Naparka 154 28 45 81
14 Mayor McCheese 154 27 44 83
15 gomonaghan 152 26 44 82
16 amayofan 152 20 50 82
17 Seamus 151 25 44 82
18 Dooriels Finest 150 20 50 80
19 Catriona 149 20 44 85
20 mortified 149 20 50 79
21 dcr22B 146 26 43 77
22 RiainPierce 142 29 25 88
23 mayo.mick 141 0 54 87
24 MsLaineyHughes 136 0 24 112
25 thecailinrua 135 27 50 58
26 mayomagic 135 0 50 85
27 Sinabhuil 134 27 49 58
28 ONeill 132 0 54 78
29 Citywest1984 131 0 44 87
30 Sarahf458 131 0 46 85
31 therocketncw 130 0 49 81
32 MaigheoAbu 129 29 46 54
33 Newport 129 26 24 79
34 MickC 127 26 24 77
35 Yew tree 127 26 23 78
36 MayoGodHelpUs 127 0 45 82
37 Black Cards Ahoy 126 0 45 81
38 RogerMilla 124 0 44 80
39 cafferkey 120 20 45 55
40 currane100 120 20 45 55
41 supersars 112 0 26 86
42 Johnnyrebel 111 0 25 86
43 Padraic McHugh 109 0 26 83
44 the V-man 105 0 45 60
45 Maloney74 104 0 45 59
46 AlanP 101 0 47 54
47 horansmen14 100 0 45 55
48 Mick51 98 27 45 26
49 mayo4ever 78 26 0 52
50 kaysers 0 0    
And we begin again … Roscommon v Mayo

And we begin again … Roscommon v Mayo

It feels like forever since we were last gearing up for a Championship game, and while those of us lucky enough to get to New York got a fix of sorts, it didn’t quite scratch the itch. Next weekend however sees the action beginning in earnest on home soil as Mayo travel to Hyde Park to take on Roscommon at 2pm in Dr. Hyde Park.

By all accounts the Rossies, buoyant after another strong U21 campaign are looking forward to this clash as much as we are, and they will fancy their chances of springing a surprise on their home turf. So we could have a cracker on our hands next Sunday.

Roscommon v Mayo

Ticketing and Admission

Dr. Hyde Park as most of us know by now is not the most accessible of grounds, and a large attendance is expected next week. The Connacht Council have decided that seating will be unreserved for this fixture, meaning that if you want to get a seat in the stand, it’s first come, first served. Admission is €25 (terrace €20) with U16s paying €5. In their wisdom, they have decreed that OAPs and students must pay full price on the gate, with refunds of €10 available upon presentation of valid ID cards at turnstiles 6 & 18 (meaning that they potentially have to queue twice). For those of you travelling with large groups of children, you can enter at Turnstile 8 and avail of a decent group rate of €30 which gets you 10 x juvenile and 1 x adult ticket – we’re assuming that this is restricted to the terrace). All season ticket holders must enter the ground via the County Road Home end.


With all of the above in mind, Club ’51 have after a bit of debate decided not to hold our customary pre-match meet-up before the game next week. Rather, we are urging anyone travelling to the game to get in there early. Very,  very early. If you want a seat, it’s likely you’ll need to be there at least an hour before throw-in, and if attendances at the Allianz League games this year are to be believed, it’s looking like this game could easily be a sellout. Instead, we’ll be aiming to congregate inside good and early and get the atmosphere building.


In addition to this, the curtain-raiser sees Mayo hurlers in action once again, taking on Roscommon in the Connacht Intermediate final. Throw-in for that game has yet to be confirmed but is likely to throw in around 12pm, if not sooner. The hurlers have put in a great season this year, and are deserving of good support. So we urge you to come along and shout them on (and stake your claim on a seat while you’re at it).


It’s Championship time proper now, so let’s get the colours out! If you’re coming along, we’re asking you to do one thing – BRING A FLAG. Be it a big flag, a small flag, a flag without a pole, a car flag, a sheet – just find something green and red and wave it around! It’s amazing the difference a flag display can make to the atmosphere, and we want to make the Rossies feel next Sunday like they’re playing an away game and facing into a sea of green and red. Club ’51 will have the usual flags there and if you’re planning on being there early, come and find us in the stand, join us for the craic and help us make a bit of noise.

We go again …

See you all in the Hyde as we start once again in earnest on this journey. It’s always an adventure, and it’s time to get behind the lads as they put themselves and their bodies on the line once again. Let’s start as we mean to go on this year, shout loud and proud and be the 16th man through thick and thin … Maigh Eo Abú!

Autism Assistance Dogs IrelandPS: Another thing worth doing on the day – Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland are running a fundraising competition on Facebook – they’re asking you to take a ‘selfie’ or a group photo in your county colours, text AUTISM to 50300 to donate €4, and post the photo and text receipt on their Facebook page here. Why not!



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