Competition Time! Flag Design

Competition Time! Flag Design

We just couldn’t wait ’til the end of the league to give out our new t-shirts, so here’s an opportunity to be the FIRST EVER owner of a Club ’51 t-shirt!

All you have to do is get your art supplies out and start designing a new flag.


There’s a few guidelines to follow, though. This flag will be used to wave with a bunch of others at all Mayo games. First of all, it has to be relevant to Mayo and or Mayo GAA. Second of all, it has to be fairly generic – in other words, no flags that will be of no use to us in 12 months time. Thirdly, simplicity usually looks better for this sort of a flag.

Here’s one we made earlier!


It’s not a requirement, however, for the flag to be related to Club ’51 – just Mayo GAA. Think legends, landmarks, green and red, whatever!

The winner will be presented with their very own Club ’51 t-shirt, supplied by T-Rex clothing, who incidentally have a new website for their sporting range here.

Art Attack!

Can’t get the tune out of my head…

You can submit your entries using our contact form where you can include attachments, or post them on our Facebook page. They don’t have to be perfect – give us an idea and we’ll work with it! Closing date Friday 4th April so get cracking!

Happy arting!!


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