So it’s back to Croker again for us and the planning is well underway. “To stay the night or do a day trip?” – that is the question.

It follows what has been a fairly good league campaign, it has to be said. A shaky enough start with some very good individual displays and of course, we all met some new and friendly faces. Yesterday was a hectic one as we broke out our new flags for the first time. A few of you were asking us where they came from – has been our supplier thus far and, in fairness, he has produced some quality gear in some very tight time frames!

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry. Mayo Club 51 new flags.

And also, Michael Lyster and Eamonn O’Hara were fortunate enough to get their photos taken with some of Club ’51. We were in a rush, but being the good people that we are, we decided it wouldn’t be fair to say no after they asked.  You’re welcome lads!

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

And then some of the players wanted in.

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

“Fair enough *sigh*. But make it quick”.

And we also presented our brand new and exclusive Club ’51 t-shirt to our first ever competition winner, Lorraine Kelly! She got this for designing a banner that we hope to get made up soon, which can be seen here. Well done Lorraine!

Mayo Fans @ Mayo v Derry

Anne Marie Flynn is pictured above trying to take the shirt off Lorraine. While we agree it’s a very nice shirt, we don’t condone such behaviour.

So it’s onto Croker again for the green and red. A big thanks to everyone who helped hang flags, fly flags, bake cupcakes, take pictures and simply contribute to the good feeling yesterday, and also to the players who were great sports. Here’s hoping we’ll be planning again this time next week.


Courtesy of AnnMarie Kenny. And they were class!

See ye Sunday!

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