Last Chance To Get Your GAA Season Tickets Before Christmas

Last Chance To Get Your GAA Season Tickets Before Christmas

GAA season tickets 2014

GAA Season Tickets 2014

Tomorrow Friday 29th November will be your last chance to order your GAA Season Tickets for 2014 to have them delivered in time for Christmas. Any season tickets ordered after this date will be produced and sent out in January 2014. Anyone that has renewed or bought their GAA Season Ticket before Friday 29th, their tickets will be sent out Friday 6th December. If you bought season tickets as Christmas presents and will not receive them in time for Christmas, Download your Season Ticket Gift Letter Here, to download and print out the gift letter to put under the tree.

View all information about the Croke Park season ticket on our season tickets page.

FBD League Fixtures Announced

FBD League Fixtures Announced

The FBD League fixtures for 2014 have been announced today. Although the fixtures and dates have been announced, the venues have yet to be confirmed. As soon as they are we will update here.

Sunday 5 January
Roscommon v Sligo It, 2pm
Mayo v NUIG, 2pm Mc Hale Park. Re-fixed for Friday 10th January
Galway v Sligo, 2pm
Leitrim v GMIT, 2pm

Sunday 12 January
NUIG v Roscommon, 2pm
Mayo v Sligo IT, 2pm (Charlestown?)
Sligo v GMIT, 2pm
Galway v Leitrim, 2pm

Sunday 19 January
Sligo IT v NUIG, 2pm
Roscommon v Mayo, 2pm (Ballinlough?)
Leitrim v Sligo, 2pm
Galway GMIT, 2pm

Sunday 26 January

In other news, Club ’51’s new banner arrived today and boy is it big! A suitable place had to be found to display it fully to get a photo of it!! A big thank you to Mark and Aodháin for designing the banner. Hopefully it will make its debut on the 4th of January for the first FBD match against NUIG. A huge thank you also to everyone who contributed to the cost, any monies left over will go towards another banner, which the group will decide on.

Club 51 Banner

Club 51 Banner

The Club ’51 banner, which measures 19ft x 7ft was manufactured by Flag Man Ireland. You can contact Flag man by clicking on the photo below.

Flag Man Ireland Facebook Page

4 All Stars For Mayo

4 All Stars For Mayo

mayo gaa all stars 2013

Lee Keegan, Aidan O’Shea, Keith Higgins and Colm Boyle with their 2013 GAA GPA All-Star awards.

The 2013 All Stars ceremony took place this evening in Croke Park and Mayo came away with 4 this year. Congratulations to Keith Higgins and Lee Keegan for winning their second All Star, and to Colm Boyle and Aiden O’Shea for winning their first well deserved All Stars.We feel hard done by again this year (well we are biased!) on not winning more All Stars with Ger Cafferkey and Cillian O’Connor loosing out to Rory O’Carroll and Connor Mc Manus respectfully. It was a double blow for Cillian though, being the Championship top scorer for 2013 also loosing out to Jack Mc Caffery for Young Player Of The Year Award.

Anyway The All Stars puts an end to the 2013 Championship season and we can all now look forward to the 2014 season starting with the FBD League starting in January. It will be all the sweeter this time next year winning the bulk of the All Stars, with all them All Ireland medals falling out of the lads arse pockets!!

2013 all stars group photo

Photo : GPA @gaelicplayers

GAA GPA  Gaelic Football All Stars 2013

Stephen Cluxton (Dublin), Colin Walshe (Monaghan), Rory O’Carroll (Dublin),              Keith Higgins (Mayo)Lee Keegan (Mayo), Cian O’Sullivan (Dublin), Colm Boyle (Mayo), Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin ), Aidan O’Shea (Mayo), Paul Flynn (Dublin ), Colm Cooper (Kerry), Seán Cavanagh (Tyrone), James O’Donoghue (Kerry), Bernard Brogan (Dublin), Conor McManus (Monaghan).

Footballer of the year –  Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin).

Young player of the year – Jack McCaffrey (Dublin)

Galvin Named As New York Manager

Galvin Named As New York Manager

From Hoganstand 7th November 2013

St Patrick AKA John Durkan in Gaelic Park New York 10th May 2009. Photo ©Michael Maye

St Patrick AKA John Durkan in Gaelic Park New York 10th May 2009. Photo ©Michael Maye

Mayo’s Ronan McGarrity rises with two Mayo-born New York players, Dermot Keane from Knockmore (left) and Robert Moran from Foxford. Photo © Mayo News

Mayo’s Ronan McGarrity rises with two Mayo-born New York players, Dermot Keane from Knockmore (left) and Robert Moran from Foxford.
Photo © Mayo News

Ian Galvin has been selected for the position of manager of the New York County team by their selection committee.

A Kerry native, Galvin managed Kerry to the New York senior football championship this year.

Alan Hearty (Armagh), Robert Moran (Mayo) who was captain for New York in 2009; and Michael Stones (Westmeath) have been chosen as team selectors.

Hearty and Moran have played for New York in the recent past while Stones managed the Westmeath team that contested the junior championship final this season.

Patrick Curtis from Meath has been chosen as trainer.

New York will host Mayo in the 2014 Connacht SFC next May.

Mayo News report from the match in 2009.

Mayo GAA Blogs match report from 2009

Gaelic Football Rule Changes For 2014

Gaelic Football Rule Changes For 2014

These are the new rule changes that are being introduced by the GAA from the 1st of January 2014.

new black card rule changes in gaelic football for 2014

The Gaelic Football Rule Changes which become operative on 1 January 2014 are as follows:

1. Introduction of a Black Card for Cynical Behaviour Fouls.
2. Change in the number of substitutes allowed.
3. Distinction between Deliberate and Accidental Fouls.
4. Definition of the Tackle.
5. Introduction of a clearer Advantage Rule.
6. A player in possession may score a point with an open-handed hand-pass.

Cynical Behaviour Fouls

1. Deliberately pull down an opponent.
2. Deliberately trip an opponent with the hand(s), arm, leg or foot.
3. Deliberately body collide with an opponent after he has played the ball away or for the purpose of taking him out of a movement of play.
4. Threaten or to use abusive or provocative language or gestures to an opponent or a teammate.
5. Remonstrate in an aggressive manner with a Match Official.

The penalty for the above fouls are:

i. Free Kick from where the foul occurred.
ii. Order Off offender by showing him a Black Card*.
iii. Allow a replacement from within the substitutions permitted*.
• Increased to SIX per team.
• Maximum of THREE permitted for Black Card Offenders.

Immediate Ordering Off Infractions (Red Cards)

1. Striking or attempting to strike with arm, elbow, hand, knee or head.
2. Kicking or attempting to kick with minimal force or with force or causing injury.
3. Behaving in any way which is dangerous to an opponent.
4. Spitting at an opponent.
5. Contributing to a melee.
6. Stamping.
7. Inflicting injury recklessly.
8. Abusive language towards a Referee, Umpire, Linesman or Sideline Official.
These are unchanged.

Cautionable Infractions (Yellow Cards)

1. To block or attempt to block with the boot when an opponent is kicking the ball from the hand(s).
2. To prevent or attempt to prevent an opponent from lifting or kicking the ball off the ground by striking an opponent’s hand, arm, foot or leg with the boot.
3. To engage in any other form of rough play.
4. To attempt to achieve an advantage by feigning a foul or injury.
The above are all currently existing Yellow Card Infractions.

Noting Infractions

1. To hold an opponent with the hand(s).
2. To use the fist on or around the body of an opponent for the purpose of dispossessing him of the ball.
3. To charge an opponent in the back or to the front.
4. To charge an opponent:
i. Who is not in possession of the ball, or
ii. Is in the act of kicking the ball, or
iii. If both players are not moving in the direction of the ball to play it.
5. To charge an opponent for the purpose of giving an advantage to a team-mate.
Noting Infractions remain unchanged – Two Notings result in a Caution (Yellow Card) with a third resulting in an Order Off (second Yellow, followed by Red).


At all levels a Black Card results in a player missing the remainder of the game.

Additionally at Senior Inter County Level:

3 x Black Cards = 1 Game suspension

3 x Double Yellow Cards = 1 Game suspension


A Combination of both (totaling 3) = 1 Game suspension

Only in senior inter-county league and championship games within the same year.

At All Other Levels:

2 x Double Yellows within 48 weeks = 2 week suspension

2 x Yellow followed by a Black Card within 48 weeks = 2 week suspension


A combination of both = 2 week suspension

At all levels except senior inter-county league and championship.

Deliberate v Accidental Fouls

A Card shall be issued only where the Infraction is deemed by the Referee to have been deliberate and not accidental.

The Tackle

The Tackle is re-defined as:
“The Tackle is a skill by which a player may dispossess an opponent or frustrate his objective within the Rules of Fair Play. The tackle is aimed at the ball, not the player. The tackler may use his body to confront the opponent but deliberate bodily contact (such as punching, slapping, arm holding, pushing, tripping, jersey pulling or a full frontal charge) is forbidden. The only deliberate physical contact can be a Fair Charge i.e. Shoulder-to-shoulder with at least one foot on the ground. More than one player can tackle the player in possession.”


Advantage Rule is defined as:
“When a foul is committed the referee may allow the play to continue if he considers it to be to the advantage of the offended team. He shall signal that advantage by raising an arm upright. If he deems no advantage to have occurred, he may subsequently award a free for that foul from where it occurred*. The referee shall allow the advantage to run by maintaining his arm in the upright position for up to five seconds after the initial foul or for less time if it becomes clear that no advantage has accrued. He shall apply any relevant disciplinary action.”

Point with Open Hand

A player in possession may score a Point with the open hand or fist.

Interview by Marty Morrissey with David Goldrick and Pat Mc Enaney explaining the new rule changes.

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